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ScanGauge D - J1939 & J1708 Vehicle Monitor

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ScanGauge D - J1939 & J1708 Vehicle Monitor

ScanGauge D - J1939 & J1708 Vehicle Monitor
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Buying diagnostic tools for your vehicle can be really expensive not to mention difficult especially since not all vehicle monitors are compatible with all kinds of cars. This is a problem faced by people owning vehicles with J1939 and J1708 protocols. The good news is that there is now the ScanGaugeD. This particular device offers outstanding functions and features to vehicle owners.

Monitor Your Vehicle

Driving a huge powered vehicle is not easy. You have no way to monitor the vital systems of the vehicle without any tool. But with the use of the ScanGaugeD, you can now get the much needed information since the device contains more than 15 built-in digital gauges, 5 trip computers and a reliable scan tool that allows you to see trouble codes.

Performance Monitor and Programmable Gauge System

Real time data is very crucial for you to assess and to track your vehicle performance. With the ScanGauge D, it is now possible for you to view performance measurements. Apart from this data, the device also provides an exclusive X-GAUGE programmable gauge system. With this exclusive system, you can monitor crucial aspects of your vehicle like fuel usage, fuel costs, oil temperatures, trip data and the like.

Customize Your Own Digital Gauges

This device comes with various built-in digital gauges that can provide you real time and reliable data. With this tool, you can have up to four digital gauges. Even if you can only display up to four, you can actually customize your own gauge set. In fact, it is even possible for you to change the units of measurement depending on your preference.

You can choose either the standard or the metric units of measurement. Not only that, you can also adjust the update rate. You can now understand why this will be an excellent purchase well worth what you are going to pay for it.

Feature Comparison

OBDII Interface
J1939 & J1708 Interface    
Scan Tool Functions
Built in Digital Gauges
Built-in Trip Computers
Color Backlit Display
English & Metric read outs
Performance Features
X-Gauge Feature
User Programmable Commands
MPG Graph Display  
Computes Horsepower in real-time
Computes CO2 emitted by vehicle.  
Overall Dimensions Height: 1.5in (38.1mm)
Width: 4.8in (121.92mm)
Depth: 1.0in (25.4mm)
Height: 1.4in (35.56mm)
Width: 3.6in (91.44mm)
Depth: 1.0in (25.4mm)
Height: 1.5in (38.1mm)
Width: 4.8in (121.92mm)
Depth: 1.0in (25.4mm)
Compatible with any diesel pusher with J1939 or J1708 protocol.
ScanGaugeD Unit
J1939 and J1708 Cable
Instruction Manuals

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